Current Horses

Now please let me introduce you to the real stars at Hoy Eventing – my team of top horses!
They are athletes, real characters – and more than anything very dear friends and “family members”!
“A Horse without a Rider is still a horse. Without a Horse a Rider is just a Pedestrian”.

Mr Speedy Gonzales

Level 5*
Breeding Jaguar Mail x Jalienny
Foaled 2009

Miss Independent

Level 4*
Breeding Camiro de Haar Z x Colourfield
Foaled 2008

The Artist

Level 4*
Breeding Conello x Lancetto
Foaled 2004

The Stylist

Level 4*
Breeding Grafenstolz x Suchard
Foaled 2009

Mademoiselle Gracieux

Level 4*
Breeding Orlando x Oberon Du Moulin
Foaled 2011

Mr Scopey

Level 3*
Breeding Ceasar van de Helle x Quignon du Moulin
Foaled 2011

Mr Powerful

Level 2*
Breeding Balou du Rouet x Copabella Visage
Foaled 2012

Miss Ferrari

Level 2*
Breeding L’Arc de Triomphe x De Niro
Foaled 2011

Noblesse oblige

Level 2*
Breeding Flipper d´Elle x Quinar
Foaled 2013

Mr Stunning

Level 2*
Breeding Huzar (Jalienny) x Baryt
Foaled 2014

The Intellectualist

Level 4* (now retired)
Breeding Contendro I x Lemon xx
Foaled 2002